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meat declarations

Beef (Switzerland), bacon (Switzerland), ham (Switzerland), salami (Switzerland), hot salami (Switzerland), raw ham (Italy), chicken (Switzerland, Brazil), chicken (Germany, Poland), chicken pops (Spain) , chicken nuggets (Switzerland, Brazil), tuna (Thailand / Central West Pacific, West and East Indian Ocean), anchovies (Peru / South East Pacific).

Gluten free

Molini produces everything with great care. Despite this, pizzas may contain traces of meat. On customer request we offer allergen-free or gluten-free pizzas. Due to cross-contamination during the manufacturing process, traces of allergens or gluten may have been unintentionally introduced into the food. Therefore, we cannot guarantee 100% that our award-winning dishes are free of allergens or gluten. All information is available in the shop and online. Please read this information carefully. Molini Pizza is not liable for any costs, including medical ones, if a customer shows any adverse reactions to a Molini Pizza product.

Allergens and intolerances

You can find a list of allergens at this link:


View list click here


Alcoholic drinks

No sales of beer and wine to young people under the age of 16 and of spirits and aperitifs to young people under the age of 18.


Sale of tobacco in accordance with cantonal regulations

Team Molini

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