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franchise partner

A partnership for independent entrepreneurs!

We bring Italy to Switzerland!


Why is:

Molini Pizza is a system based on the independence of the franchise partners, which specializes in pizza and pasta. With the Molini Pizza franchise concept, we offer you an excellent opportunity for successful self-employment. It's easier in a network - cooperation on entrepreneurial competence.


You bring:

Entrepreneurship, perseverance and enjoyment of customers and food. You stand at the front yourself and decide independently on the branch, the trading days and the opening times.


•You will receive a ready-to-use system

• You decide on products and sales prices within the framework of the specifications

•The higher the personal contribution, the higher the income

•You will receive the necessary on-site training for operation

•Food purchasing and quality control are regulated centrally

•Weekly delivery of all required products

•You benefit from previous experience




•Your business, your responsibility, your success

•You show entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy the product and the customers

•You have a good local network

•You show a willingness to operate the brand within the framework of the guidelines

• You meet the financial requirements

•You have the will to further develop Molini Pizza

•You speak the local language •You keep cleanliness, hygiene and product quality at the highest level


Thanks very much!

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